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Rastafarian Symbols


Learn more about Rastafarian use of Marijuana (Ganja) and other symbols.

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The Rastafari movement, or Rasta, is a spiritual movement. It arose in the 1930s in ... The Lion of Judah is an important symbol to Rastas, for several reasons.

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Rastafarian Symbols The Lion of Judah Tuesday, March 11th, 2008. Lion of Judah. In the Rastafarian livity, the Lion of Judah is an emblem of Ras Tafari, otherwise ...

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Some of the main Rastafarian symbols include wearing the hair in dreadlocks, the colors red, yellow, green and black, and using the marijuana plant. These are all ...

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Like any spirituality, Rasta has its own traditions and symbols: Dreadlocks: they have several meanings. First, they are a part of the biblical Nazarene ...

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Ganja (Marijuana) Ganja was brought to Jamaica in the late 1800's by indentured East Indians, who were brought to the Island to work after slavery ended.

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The Rastafarian religion The Rastafarian religion originated in Africa. ... One of the more obvious symbols of the Rastafarians are colours ...

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the Rasta's roots in Africa ; The other main Rasta symbol besides dreadlocks, are the colors of red, gold and green. Red stands for the triumphant church of the Rastas as ...

Who is the Rasta God? What is their holy book? Why was Bob Marley a Rasta?. ... Another major symbol of Rastafarians are colours, specifically red, gold and green.

One of the chief marks of a true Rastafarian is the way he wars his hair. Though there are Rastafarians who do not wear long hair, the true symbol of a cultist is ...

Why do Rasta people use the symbolism of the 'Star Of David'? Isn't that a Jewish symbol of faith? 4 years ago; Report Abuse; Additional Details