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Guru Thisai


Best Answer: the position of Guru and Sani in your horoscope matters all. A generalised prediction will not be appropriate. add your D.O.B , time and place ...

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Best Answer: I have been reading astrology magazines for past few years on interest,but not a proffesional astrologer. For each lagnam,a particular house ...

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guru peyarchi prediction for Mithuna, Jupiter transit prediction for Gemini

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Guru Raneesh Rishi says Lord Rama along with Maa Sita and brother Lakshman went to forest for 14 years just due to the anguish of Lord Shani Dev.

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For Diana, Saturn, owning 3rd and 4th houses, is both a natural and functional malefic and, although the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn gives rise to Guru-Shani Yoga ...

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