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Paksat Channels


HGS-3 has been acquired by Paksat and this site has information the footprints for the satellite, channel guide and services provided.

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Paksat-1E, formerly Palapa C1, HGS-3 and Anatolia 1 is a geosynchronous communications satellite owned by Boeing and operated under lease by Paksat. It was launched ...

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SatBeams - Satellite charts (channels) Paksat 1 (Paksat-1, Palapa C1, Anatolia 1, HGS 3) / Paksat 1R

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PAKSAT 1/1R at 38 deg East: Bom Az 245 El 45, Del ... Back to CHANNEL GUIDE...

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PAKsat 38.E 8xm 3960 H 7230 Kohenoor 4169 v 2800 AKS, Filmworld, Dhoom tv , and filmazia 4020 H 27700 Apna 39 v 2790 play 4074 v 4690 oxgene 4043 v 2840 aruj 4102 v 2790

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The first signals operating off it are C-band channels. According to the Paksat 1 web site the spacecraft is still fully operational apart from the eclipse period ...