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Pwi G15 Weapon


For this optional step all 3 attributes of the G15 weapon are rerolled. The sockets ... Retrieved from quot;http://pwi-wiki.perfectworld.com/index.php/Nirvana_Crafting quot;

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What about the second recast to upgrade the weapon to G15? Will you be able to ... of some use to you even if it is for ranged weapons: Nirvana Ranged Weapons (http://pwi ...

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Do both these weapons end up at g15 with the same fixed stats? or at g15 do they have no fixed stats and the stats are all random? I've been scratching my head seeing if ...

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Weapon; Armor. NPC/Gold; TT; Frostcovered; Lunar Glade; Nirvana; Descent; Rank 1; Rank 4; Rank 6; Rank 7; Rank 8; Rank 9; Special; Shard; Dragon Orb; Mystical Tome; Other. Shop; Head Pill

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All info was originally posted by Asterlle and others on the PWI Forum. I am ... G15 Weapon = 5000 prestige requirement + 900 influence cost + 17.64m coin

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The original G15 gaming keyboard was designed by ... Many items such as weapons and armor can be obtained from ... Perfect World International (PWI) is an animae, online ...