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Seks Orang Asli


Alley Tan started the restaurant early 1999 with an aboriginal concept (Orang Asli). It faces the straits of Johor with welcoming breeze and beautiful sea view ...

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Details Published on Wednesday, 02 March 2011 00:15 Malaysia: Mediation Fails - Orang Asli To Go For Full Trial To Claim Back Compensation Monies From Lawyer

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MEDIATION FAILS: Orang Asli to go for full trial to claim back compensation monies from lawyer The Johor Bahru High Court, on 1 March 2011, conceded that it has not ...

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The Orang Asli of Belum-Temenggor are still very dependent on the forest for their ... The researchers fear that the curtailment could lead to more poaching as it fails ...

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via Orang Asli Oral Tradition Colin Nicholas Paper presented at the one-day Seminar ... (The Semai believe that if one party fails to turn up at an agreed time and place, the ...

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